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Refurbished Lamination Equipment

As part of D&K’s lamination equipment buy-back program, gently used and refurbished lamination equipment may be available for sale.

Don’t risk buying a used sheet feeder, laminator, or cutter from an auction, broker, or other third-party.

Click here to view available refurbished equipment in D&K’s “Bargain Bin.”


When it comes to essential machinery, you don’t want to risk buying a lemon. Purchase your lamination equipment direct from the manufacturer and save in the long run. D&K manufactures all laminating equipment in the USA and offers standard warranties and exceptional customer support. Plus, you can earn D&K rewards points on all laminating film purchases that are good for replacement parts and equipment service.

Buying a lamination system is an investment in your company’s future. Don’t risk your business with potentially obsolete equipment that is full of unknowns. D&K offers equipment financing and provides peace of mind that your purchase will be fully supported. D&K maintains a professional staff of technicians that can setup your equipment, train your staff, offer top-notch service, and help optimize your operation.

Many used equipment dealers will disappear the moment your payment clears. D&K is your reliable partner with over 40 years of proven success in the lamination industry. Our experts are here to answer all of your questions and help with any laminating film or equipment matters you may have.


Why shouldn’t I buy used equipment through an independent agent?
Buying a laminator is a lot like buying a car. There might be cheap deals available on the street or through questionable websites, but you never know what you’re really getting. Most used laminators sold through third parties cannot be legally serviced by D&K due to insurance regulations and liability issues. When you buy through a reputable dealer, you receive a quality machine and much more. Your investment will also be fully supported and backed by a warranty.

Why is some used equipment so inexpensive through third parties?
If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Many used equipment sellers don’t care about their customers or their personal reputation. The equipment could be in poor shape or have concealed defects. There’s a very good chance that a low price reflects low expectations for the machine.

Will D&K service my used machine?
D&K Group services new and refurbished equipment that is sold directly to customers or through a one of our many authorized dealer partners. In many cases, we are unable to offer parts or service equipment that has been sold through an outside agent. Our insurance provider prohibits working on used D&K equipment sold by outside parties due to safety concerns and liability issues. In some cases, safety features may have been removed or bypassed where we cannot ensure safe servicing and operation. If any D&K equipment has the serial number removed in an unauthorized manner, we cannot provide any machine support. Please note that many states have laws that prohibit possession and/or sale of property where the serial number has been removed or altered.

Why are serial numbers important?
Serial numbers provide a way to look up a machine’s sale and service history. These are a quick and effective way to identify how old equipment is and how well it has been maintained. Under no circumstances should you ever purchase a laminator (or any other type of equipment or vehicle) that has the serial number or other identifying marks removed or altered. In some states, buying, possessing, or selling equipment with a missing or altered serial number is illegal. The item could be stolen or have a questionable history.

Can I get a manual for the used machine I bought?
Equipment manuals may be available for purchase. Contact the D&K service department for details. Manuals may not be available for obsolete systems.

Refurbished lamination equipment moves quickly and inventory changes frequently. View D&K’s “Bargain Bin” to see what refurbished lamination equipment is currently available.

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