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Floor Graphics

floor graphic compositionFloor graphics are short to medium term graphics that appear on the ground in locations including supermarkets, trade shows, retail stores, and more. These graphics are ideal for directional signage, special promotions, sponsorships and more. Floor graphics must meet certain slip resistance requirements to ensure that they do not pose a slipping hazard, even when wet.

Floor graphics are typically created by using a self-adhesive media. These printable products have an adhesive backing designed for specific types of floors. Versions are available for cement, carpet, or vinyl floors. The self-adhesive media is printed and then usually protected by a laminating film that adds durability and slip resistance.

The laminating film must be durable in order to stand up to foot traffic and basic cleaning. It must also meet slip standards. D&K manufactures a textured vinyl film range specifically designed for floor graphics. These films feature a textured finish to reduce glare and slight blue tint that helps prevent graphics from yellowing. Floor graphic films can also be cleaned and waxed along with the surrounding floor.

Floor graphic adhesives are designed to be removable from vinyl tile floors up to a period of six months. This allows graphics to be easily changed without damaging the floor below. Floor graphic adhesives are available in clear or opaque versions that help block out colored flooring beneath the graphic.

D&K Recommends the following products for floor graphics:
Floor Graphic Laminating Films:- These protective floor graphic laminating films meet U/L 410 requirements for floor graphic slip resistance.

  • 5 mil Expression PSA Textured – FG
  • 7 mil (5/2) SuperStick® Textured – FGK