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Documents are typically laminated on both sides but may only require a film on the front, depending on the application. Two sided lamination provides additional rigidity and protection to prints including professional documents, menus, flyers, and more.

D&K recommends utilizing Polyester films due to the rigidity, durability, and excellent finish these films provide.Polypropylene films can also be utilized for a cost-effective document laminating solution. Documents requiring only one sided lamination should utilize a Nylon film for its stable and non-curling properties.

For the most durable finish that stands up to frequent handling and even cleaning, documents should be encapsulated (laminated with sealed edges that typically extend 1/4″ or less from the edge of the print). Use D&K’s new Endura Overlams to encapsulate documents and create a completely waterproof product, even when laminating paper items. Endura Overlams resist water and withstand abuse from cleaning and handling. These durable, waterproof properties make Endura Overlams ideal for demanding applications including menus and handouts.