ENDURA OVERLAMS featured in Converting Quarterly Magazine

D&K’s new ENDURA OVERLAMS were recently featured in the latest edition of Converting Quarterly Magazine. ENDURA OVERLAMS received an industry award for new lamination technology. Click here to view this edition of Converting Quarterly online.

D&K Receives AIMCAL Technical Excellence Award

D&K’s new ENDURA OVERLAMS received a Technical Excellence Award from The Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators (AIMCAL). ENDURA OVERLAMS were recognized as a valuable new technology that offers distinct benefits to users. According to AIMCAL, “The judges were impressed by the lamination technology. One noted, ‘This process results in a very robust ID card.’” ENDURA OVERLAMS are currently available in a variety of sizes and configurations. Contact a D&K representative to learn more about how ENDURA OVERLAMS can improve your lamination process.

Click here to view the AIMCAL Technology of the Year recognition page.

ENDURA OVERLAMS Receive 5 Year Durability Validation

ENDURA OVERLAMS™ from D&K Group passed third party laboratory tests that validate performance in card applications. The overlams were evaluated using ISO/IEC standards for card usage, aging, and delamination. Synthetic cards manufactured using polyester ENDURA OVERLAMS™ are now recognized as having at least a five-year service life.

ENDURA OVERLAM™ card samples were submitted for ISO/IEC test standard 24789-1: Card Testing for Usage & Aging, and Card Testing for Film Delamination. This test standard includes card testing for lamination peel, flex resistance, and accelerated humidity cycle aging. ENDURA OVERLAM™ card samples passed all tests and were proven to perform better than standard (non-ENDURA™) products.

According to the laboratory analysis, “ENDURA OVERLAM™ cards have a more durable film based upon the peel testing results. It is my opinion that ENDURA OVERLAM™ cards have a strong core peel strength after stress and aging and are not expected to delaminate under normal use within a 5-year service life.”

A full copy of the independent lab report is available upon request. The test report includes ENDURA OVERLAM™ card data for ISO/IEC 7810, ISO/IEC 24789-1, and accelerated humidity cycle aging test standards. In this series of card tests, the 30 mil Teslin card samples made with ENDURA OVERLAMS received “passing” marks based on the exceptional performance.

ENDURA OVERLAMS are available in a variety of sizes and configurations including SuperStick® versions for digital printers. These overlams are suitable for demanding or waterproof applications of all types such as cards, outdoor signs, menus, and more. Click here for more information on ENDURA OVERLAMS.

Click here to download a copy of the ENDURA OVERLAM press release.

Contact D&K Group for ENDURA OVERLAM product samples, pricing, and availability.