Waterproof Menus


Restaurant menus are handled frequently and are often exposed to water, beverages, and cleaning products. In order to protect menus against wear-and-tear and occasionally severe abuse during handling or sanitizing, D&K Group recommends using polyester laminating films. Polyester films are very tough, durable, and provide a high degree of protection for menus.

For the best possible results, menus should be encapsulated (laminated on both sides with a sealed edge left around the entire perimeter). Encapsulation essentially seals in the paper and offers the greatest protection to extend the life of printed menus. Encapsulation prevents water or moisture from being absorbed into the edges of the paper and causing the menu to fall apart. Leaving a sealed edge around the paper is the only way to completely protect it from damage caused by liquids wicking into the sides. Flush cutting laminating films to the edge of a menu page only provides protection for the front and back of the sheet. Even though paper is very thin, the edges are still vulnerable to moisture if left unprotected.

Menu pages that are encapsulated with many common thermal polyester laminating films are still susceptible to falling apart over time. This is due to the chemical composition of the primers and adhesives used to manufacture most standard polyester overlams. Most polyester laminating films used to protect menus are made with water-based components. These water-based ingredients eventually absorb water from the surrounding environment and can ultimately cause the adhesive to separate from the polyester film. This process accelerates when menus are placed in dishwashers or cleaned with harsh chemicals.

D&K Group’s new Endura Overlams are completely waterproof and are ideal for menu applications. Endura Overlams are made with polyester base films that will never separate from the adhesive, even if left in standing water or run through a dishwasher. Endura Overlams are available in thicknesses up to 10 mil for rigid, durable menu pages.

Endura Overlams are also compatible with synthetic papers that are frequently used for printed menus. Using a synthetic sheet such as Teslin, PVC, stone paper, etc. in place of paper allows for a more elegant menu look that does not require a sealed edge around the page. Using synthetic print stocks in conjunction with Endura Overlams creates a classy, waterproof menu that is suitable for all types of establishments including high-end restaurants and bars.

Contact D&K Group for more information on Endura Overlams or for a sample of these menu laminating films.