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5 year card validation

ENDURA OVERLAMS®: Tamper-Resistant & Waterproof Card Protection


  • Impossible to Delaminate!
  • Provide a smooth, crystal clear finish
  • Resist water and moisture
  • Tamper-resistant for durable cards and identification documents
  • Available with UV protection
  • Thermal laminating adhesives for all print types including digital output and HP Indigo systems
  • Description

    Welcome to the World of ENDURA OVERLAMS®
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    D&K Group’s new ENDURA OVERLAMS® offer a durable thermal laminating solution that is completely waterproof and impossible to delaminate. These tamper-resistant polyester (PET) overlams are stronger than other thermal products on the market, making them ideal for demanding applications including cards, menus, and more.

    ENDURA OVERLAMS® are completely water-resistant and are suitable for moist or wet environments where other thermal films fail. Compared to pressure sensitive laminating films, ENDURA OVERLAM® products offer equivalent performance at a fraction of the price. Plus, the quality far exceeds that of low-grade, self wound pressure sensitive products.

    ENDURA OVERLAMS® are offered in a variety of film thicknesses and finishes. Adhesives are also available for all types of prints including difficult digital output. For projects requiring up to five year outdoor durability, D&K offers versions containing UV inhibitors to help prevent fading and color shift caused by sunlight.

    ENDURA OVERLAMS® are made in the USA to high quality standards. These products are also FDA compliant, making them suitable for applications involving direct or indirect food contact.

    Endura OVERLAM® Video:

    ENDURA OVERLAM® Polyester (PET) Base Films:

    Durable, Waterproof Protection

    ENDURA OVERLAMS® provide a tough, protective surface with a beautiful finish for all types of projects. Polyester is an outstanding choice for demanding applications that require high performance. Additionally, polyester offers excellent durable properties including high tensile strength, thermal stability, and tear-resistance.

    Films are available in a variety of widths and thicknesses to meet your project requirements. ENDURA OVERLAM® Polyester films are offered in configurations up to 10 mils thick for heavy-duty applications such as cards and hang tags. These PET Overlams stand up to frequent handling and harsh conditions where other products fall short.

    Tamper-Resistance & Custom Finishes

    D&K manufactures ENDURA OVERLAMS® using a special process that fuses the base polyester (PET) film with a thermal adhesive layer. This process creates a permanent bond between the sections that cannot be separated without damage. The PET film is available with numerous finishes and features including hardcoats, soft touch matte, printable surfaces, mag stripes, and more.

    Lay-Flat Polyester

    D&K Group offers ENDURA OVERLAM® Polyester Overlams in “mapped and matched” roll pairs for applications that must remain perfectly flat. D&K Group’s special map and match process pairs up film rolls that eliminate curling or “potato chipping” when used together. Lay-flat ENDURA OVERLAMS® are ideal for two sided products such as cards that require completely flat characteristics.

    UV Polyester

    ENDURA OVERLAMS® are available with added UV protection for outdoor applications. ENDURA OVERLAMS® with UV protection offer resistance against graphic fading and color shift caused by sunlight. UV protection in the base film doubles the outdoor lifespan of unprotected inks and substrates. These UV products offer up to five year outdoor durability.


    As a USA manufacturer specializing in custom adhesive coating services along with custom laminating film solutions, D&K Group constructs specialty ENDURA OVERLAMS® designed to meet unique project requirements. If your product must be printable, gluable/stampable, or have other specific properties, contact D&K to discuss your lamination needs.

    ENDURA OVERLAM® Laboratory Validation

    5 year card validation

    ENDURA OVERLAMS® are third-party tested and validated for performance in demanding applications. These products were evaluated using ISO/IEC standards to test physical properties including peel strength, accelerated aging, and more. Cards manufactured using ENDURA OVERLAMS® were evaluated under the following standards:

    Test Standard ISO/IEC 24789-1: Card Testing for Usage & Aging, and Card Testing for Film Delamination:
    – ISO/IEC 7810 – Card Testing for Peel: (PASSED)
    – ISO/IEC 24789-1 – Card Testing for Flex: (PASSED)
    – Accelerated Humidity Cycle Aging: (PASSED)

    According to the laboratory results and analysis, “ENDURA OVERLAM® card samples tested for film delaminating usage and aging performed better than Standard (non-ENDURA OVERLAM®) card samples. It is my interpretation of the data that ENDURA OVERLAM® cards have a more durable film based upon the peel testing results. It is my opinion that ENDURA OVERLAM® cards have a strong core peel strength after stress and aging and are not expected to delaminate under normal use within a 5 year service life.”

    View the ENDURA OVERLAM® Five Year Durability Lab Summary (click here)

    Contact D&K for more details including additional laboratory findings.

    Customer Testimonials

    ENDURA OVERLAMS® have proven performance for at least 5 years in demanding card applications. Here’s what some of our customers have to say about ENDURA OVERLAMS®:

    “We have never had a film that ran as consistent as the ENDURA does. My operators absolutely love it and so do our clients. Thanks again for the recommendation. We look forward to a long partnership with you and ENDURA OVERLAMS®.” – Zelis Company.

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    Contact D&K for more information and samples of new ENDURA OVERLAMS®.

    Made in the USA