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lidLidding films act as a barrier and are extremely important to prevent contamination and spoilage of everyday products like foods and medicines. Lidding films help increase product shelf life and also offer protection against tampering or accidental contamination. The lidding film market is estimated to reach nearly $7 billion within the next seven years.

Delamination is a major concern in lidding applications. Delamination occurs when users attempt to remove a product’s lid but only part of the lid tears off, leaving behind adhesive and other barrier layers on the container. This is a common frustration and complaint among many consumers, especially on food and drug packaging.

film delamination (delam) illustration

Film delam can be completely eliminated with D&K’s EDNURA OVERLAMS. ENDURA OVERLAMS are manufactured using a proprietary process that makes them impossible to separate or delaminate. Click here for more information about ENDURA OVERLAMS.

D&K also manufactures a variety of laminating film and adhesive products that meet FDA standards for indirect food contact. These FDA-compliant films are ideal for lidding applications, flexible pouches, waterproof menus, and more.

Contact D&K to learn more about lidding films and food-safe finishing products that meet FDA requirements.

pill bottle lid delamination

Never Delaminate Like This Again with ENDURA OVERLAMS