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AutoKote Pro Automatic Laminating System
AutoKote Pro Laminator Automatic Cut Sheet FeederD&K AutoKote Pro Chrome Laminating RollerAutoKote Pro Diagonal Laminator CutterAutoKote Pro Automated LaminatorAutoKote Pro Digital Control PanelAutoKote Pro Automatic Suction Sheet Feeder

AutoKote Pro Automatic Lamination System

The AutoKote Pro offers a fully automated laminating system with a small footprint. The AutoKote Pro includes a sheet feeder, one-sided laminator, and diagonal cutter all on a compact frame. This operator-friendly system makes lamination fast and simple with a large digital control panel for easy job setup and operation. The innovative diagonal cutter is also capable of separating thick laminating films that other compact bursting systems cannot process.



  • Compact lamination system design conserves valuable floor space.
  • Features a large digital touch pad control for easy setup and precision adjustments.
  • Diagonal cutter cleanly separates prints without frayed edges, even with films thicker than 1.3 mil.
  • Swing-out sheet feeder system provides easy access to cut sheet stacks during initial setup and reloading.
  • Handles cut sheets from 8 1/2″ x 11″ up to 26″ wide by 30″ long.
  • Curl management system places laminating film on the paper in a relaxed manner for a flat finished product.
  • High release silicone nip roller helps prevent laminating film wraparounds and allows for easy maintenance.
  • Lamination requires only one operator from start to finish.


  • Laminating System Dimensions: 108″ L x 50″ W x 58″ H (275 cm x 127 cm x 147 cm)
  • Laminating System Electrical: 230 Volt 30 Amp 1 phase (w/ neutral and ground)
  • Laminating System Air: 6 cfm
  • Laminator Warm-up Time: 20 minutes
  • Lamination Speed: Up to 50 fpm (15 meters per minute)
  • Laminating Temp. Range: 180°F – 300°F (70°C – 140°C)
  • Min Cut Sheet Size: 8 1/2″ x 11″ (21.6 cm x 27.9 cm)
  • Max Cut Sheet Size: 26″ x 30″ (66 cm x 76.2 cm)
  • Min Sheet Thickness: 80 lb Text
  • Max Sheet Thickness: 18 pt. Board

AutoKote Pro Sheet Feeder

    Prints are automatically picked up at the automated sheet feeder and transported to the laminator. There’s no need for an operator to hand feed sheets into the system – simply place a stack of printed material on the feed table and let the machine do the rest. The AutoKote pro is equipped to handle a wide range of stocks from letter size up to 26″ x 30.”

AutoKote Pro Laminator

    Unlike many other compact laminators, the AutoKote Pro is capable of processing films thicker than 1.3 mil. The laminator’s large digital touch screen provides accurate heat and nip pressure control, perfect for even the toughest offset and digital prints. A patented curl management system places film on the paper in a relaxed manner for a perfectly flat finished product. The laminator also features a high release silicone nip roller that helps prevent film wraparounds and allows for quick cleanup and easy maintenance.

AutoKote Pro Diagonal Cutter

    The diagonal cutter offers complete sheet separation without bursting. Physically cutting sheets with a blade instead of bursting offers the ability to process thick films that many other compact systems can’t handle. The cutter is also compatible with polyester films and will not result in frayed edges that make stacking and registering sheets difficult.

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