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Outdoor Signs

outdoor sign

Outdoor signs and other displays require specific finishing solutions that can withstand sunlight, moisture, and other environmental factors. Graphics displayed outdoors are generally protected with a solvent acrylic pressure sensitive laminating film due to the water/humidity-resistant properties these products offer.

Vinyl/laminating films with UV inhibitors are recommended for medium to long term outdoor applications, as they typically double the normal ink life on the graphic and will not degrade as quickly as other base films. Polycarbonate products and D&K’s UV Pressure Sensitive Hardcoat Gloss films offer the ultimate level of protection for long term outdoor signage applications.

D&K Group’s NEW Endura Overlams also offer a unique thermal laminating solution that can go outdoors. Most thermal laminating films on the market are not suitable for outdoor use, but Endura Overlams are completely waterproof and are also available with added UV protection. Outdoor signs and graphics laminated with these special Endura UV Overlams have an outdoor durability of 5+ years.

Mounted graphics (rigid displays) should utilize a solvent acrylic mounting adhesive that withstands water, humidity, and other moisture. High Performance Transfer Adhesives can also be used to construct outdoor displays without drilling or screwing into the materials, which can create weak spots or promote rust on metals.

D&K Recommends the following products for outdoor signs and displays:
Outdoor Laminating Films*:
-3 mil Gloss UV Endura Polyester Overlams 5+ year outdoor durability.
-5 and 10 mil Expression PSA Polycarbonate Matte – 5+ year outdoor durability.
-1 & 3 mil Expression PSA UV Hardcoat Gloss – HCG – 5+ year outdoor durability.
-3 mil Expression PSA Vinyl Gloss – GUV – 3+ year outdoor durability
-3 mil Expression PSA Vinyl Luster – LUB – 3+ year outdoor durability.
-3 mil Expression PSA Vinyl Matte – SUB – 3+ year outdoor durability.

Outdoor Mounting Adhesives:
-2 & 5 mil High Performance Transfer Adhesive – HPT
– Standard Solvent Acrylic Mounting Adhesive – MESA
-Optically Clear Permanent (UV) – OC(for windows, acrylic, and other optically clear displays)
-Optically Clear Removable (UV) – OCR(for windows, acrylic, and other optically clear displays)

*Durability does not relate to colors in the print, but to the laminating film only. Color fading is mainly dependent on the quality and types of inks used. This information is presented for reference of general product characteristics and does not constitute a representation or warranty.