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Care and Cleaning Guide for Pressure Sensitive Vinyl Laminating Films

D&K Group’s Pressure Sensitive Vinyl laminating films will provide years of service with the proper care and maintenance. Pressure Sensitive Vinyl laminates, including SUB, GUV, LUB, etc. products, should be carefully cleaned only with soap and water. These products feature a vinyl film base that can be adversely affected by harsh chemical cleaners, especially solutions containing ammonia.
For optimal performance, clean vinyl laminate surfaces frequently before excessive dirt/particulate buildup occurs. The product’s location and environment will dictate the appropriate cleaning frequency.
When cleaning, use a soft, lint-free cloth. Fill a spray bottle with a solution containing water and a small amount of liquid soap.
If you have any questions regarding the proper care and maintenance of D&K laminating films, call 800-632-2314 or click here to contact customer service.
Click here to download a copy of D&K’s Vinyl Pressure Sensitive Film Cleaning Guide.