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Hard Coat Gloss (HCG) 2 & 5 mil Cleaning & Care

Pressure Sensitive Hard Coated Polyester UV Gloss 2 & 5 mil pressure sensitive overlaminates (HCG) offer dry erase and anti-graffiti properties when used according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Dry erase and anti-graffiti properties are contingent upon film surfaces that have not suffered abuse or damage beyond normal wear and tear.

HCG Dry Erase Recommendations

D&K recommends that users adhere to the following guidelines in order to extend product life and prevent staining and other damage to HCG films when using as a dry erase surface:

  • For optimal performance, clean HCG surfaces once per week.
  • Thoroughly erase marks on HCG surfaces using a dry erase board eraser made from a soft material. Chalkboard erasers are not recommended, as they may be too abrasive.
  • Use a dry erase board eraser to remove all marks prior to cleaning with a spray cleaner.
  • Do not spray cleaners directly onto HCG surfaces. Spray onto a paper towel and then use to clean the surface.
  • Only use EXPO® White Board Cleaner, which is a spray cleaner specifically designed for dry erase surfaces, or clean with soap and water.
  • “Ghosting” is caused by excess marker buildup that remains on HCG surfaces after erasing. This can frequently be removed by using a dry erase spray cleaner.
  • Staining is a permanent condition that occurs when marker pigments are trapped on HCG surfaces. This is typically the result of surface damage caused by deep scratches/abrasions or from harsh chemicals that have damaged the hard coat layer. Follow the above recommendations to prevent staining from occurring.
HCG Graffiti Cleaning Recommendations

Most types of graffiti including paint and markers can be removed from HCG surfaces with the proper cleaning tools. D&K recommends that users adhere to the following guidelines in order to extend product life and prevent film damage during cleaning:

  • Remove as much surface dirt and graffiti as possible from the HCG surface using a lint-free cloth and a mixture of mild soap and water.
  • Apply Isopropyl Alcohol to a lint-free cloth. Do not apply alcohol or other cleaners directly onto HCG surfaces. Gently but firmly rub the cloth over the graffiti in a circular motion to remove. If the graffiti cannot be removed with Isopropyl Alcohol, use a lacquer thinner instead.
  • When the graffiti has been removed, wipe down the HCG surface with a mixture of mild soap and water.

Click here to download a copy of D&K’s Hard Coat Gloss Cleaning Instructions

The above information is presented for reference and illustration of general product characteristics only, and does not reflect the total product offering. The information is provided as a guide and does not constitute a representation or warranty, expressed or implied, relating to the suitability or fitness for a particular application or otherwise create guarantees of product performance. In all cases, customers should independently determine the suitability of D&K products for their specific application before use. No employee or representative of D&K is authorized to offer any claims or warranties in addition or counter to this statement.