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Window Adhesive Removal Instructions

D&K Optically Clear Removable window adhesives can be removed from glass surfaces simply by lifting a corner of the graphic with a fingernail or razor blade and peeling back at a 90 degree angle. If any haze remains on the window surface, clean the glass as you normally would using a standard glass cleaning product.

If a graphic has been applied to a window using a permanent adhesive, additional removal and cleaning steps will be required:

  • If the graphic is oversized, carefully slice it into strips on the window using a razor blade.This will allow you to remove smaller sections at a time.
  • Place a razor blade flat against the glass and scrape underneath a corner of the graphic to remove from the window surface.
  • Once you have lifted a corner, attempt to peel back the graphic at a 90 degree angle with your
    hands.If the adhesion is too strong, continue scraping and lifting sections with the razor blade.
  • When the graphic and mounting adhesive have been completely removed from the window, residual adhesive will likely remain behind. Scrape off heavy adhesive areas using a razor blade placed flat against the glass. Apply a small amount of adhesive remover such as paint thinner, nail polish remover, UnStik, etc. to a lint-free cloth and clean the glass using circular motions. You may need to wipe off excess adhesive or solvent with another cloth as you work.
  • Finish cleaning the window as you normally would with a glass cleaning product such as Windex.

If you have any questions regarding removal of optically clear window adhesives, call 800-632-2314 or click here to contact customer service.

Click here to download a copy of D&K’s Window Adhesive Removal Instructions

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