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Pressure Sensitive Mounting Adhesives

General Mounting Adhesives

General mounting adhesives are two sided adhesive products (two sided tapes) designed to create a permanent bond between two items, typically printed media and a substrate such as foam board or Gator™ board. General mounting adhesives feature a carrier film that is coated with adhesive on both
sides and protected by a single release liner.


  • Standard Solvent Acrylic Mounting Adhesive – MESA
    This mounting adhesive features a 1 mil clear polyester carrier with .75 mils of solvent acrylic adhesive coated on both sides. The solvent acrylic adhesive offers a strong initial bond that increases over time.
    A 60# moisture stable liner protects the adhesive prior to mounting. Standard solvent acrylic mounting adhesives are ideal for outdoor applications and for use with low surface energy substrates including
    corrugated plastics, Sintra (PVC), Gator™ Board, etc.
  • Standard Solvent Rubber Mounting Adhesive – MES
    A mounting adhesive featuring a 1 mil clear polyester carrier with .75 mils of solvent rubber adhesive
    coated on both sides. The adhesive is protected by a 60# moisture stable liner. Standard solvent rubber mounting adhesives feature a high initial tack and are intended for indoor mounting applications.
  • General Purpose Mounting Adhesive – MG
    General purpose mounting adhesives feature a 1 mil clear polyester carrier coated on both sides with
    1 mil of solvent rubber adhesive. This solvent rubber adhesive offers high initial tack for mounting
    applications. A 90# lay flat liner protects the outside adhesive layer and allows for easy cutting,
    handling, and product application. General purpose mounting adhesives are intended for indoor use
    and are perfect for pre-coating boards.
  • Ultra Opaque White Mounting Adhesive – MU
    This mounting adhesive features an opaque white carrier designed to diminish light or background colors from showing through. 1 mil of solvent rubber adhesive is coated on both sides of the opaque white carrier and protected by a 90# lay flat liner. This mounting adhesive offers high initial tack
    for indoor mounting applications.
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