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SuperStick® Digital Adhesives


  • Compatible With Digital Output



  • Laminate Prints Immediately – No Cure Time Required!



  • Xerox Validated




SuperStick® is a proprietary adhesive system manufactured by D&K. SuperStick® is a revolutionary hybrid adhesive that combines thermal and pressure sensitive adhesive technologies.

D&K’s SuperStick® adhesives penetrate through the ink and coating layers on a print to create a mechanical bond within the paper. This process occurs on a microscopic level without affecting the look and clarity of images.

The deep and aggressive bond makes it ideal for most digital prints. Its unique bonding properties also allow it to adhere to wet inkjet prints, removing the need for drying images prior to lamination.

According to independent lab tests submitted to the US Patent Office, D&K SuperStick® adhesive adheres 15 times better than regular thermal adhesives. It has also been evaluated by Xerox’s Finishing Lab and validated for use on DocuColor and iGen series printers. Click here to download a copy of the SuperStick® Xerox validation report.

SuperStick® adhesive is available in standard copolymer thermal and low melt adhesive versions. Recommended laminating temperatures are 230° – 290° F for standard thermal versions and 180° – 200° F for SuperStick® low melt adhesives. SuperStick® adhesives are available on laminating films including nylon (curl free), polyester (PET), polypropylene, and vinyl (PVC).

Now also available on D&K’s proprietary Diamond Hard Velvet Matte for a high-end matte finish with superior adhesion to all digital prints.

SuperStick Video:

Made in the USA