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Antimicrobial Overlams

  • Help limit the growth of select microorganisms
  • Coated film surface inhibits certain bacteria from multiplying
  • Minimize specific types of cross-contamination on items that are handled or shared
  • Durable surface protection for a variety of applications
  • Description

    Antimicrobial overlams offer an additional level of protection against certain bacteria. These special laminating films feature an advanced antimicrobial coating that helps inhibit the growth of some bacteria that are known to cause illness and adverse health effects. Antimicrobial overlams can also be cleaned with soap and water to further sanitize surfaces. These overlams are ideal for use in public spaces and on products that are frequently handled.

    How These Work:
    Antimicrobial treatments create a surface that helps limit certain bacteria growth. Normally, bacteria grow on contaminated surfaces and may be transferred through physical contact. These bacteria can then cause physical ailments that may become life-threatening. When bacteria are unable to multiply and spread, they can easily be eliminated with common cleaners and sanitation processes.

    Protecting products with antimicrobial films may help protect against the growth and spread of potentially harmful microorganisms. D&K’s Antimicrobial products have been evaluated using ISO-22196 test methods with specific bacteria. Antimicrobial overlams may not kill or otherwise neutralize viruses and other pathogens.

    This information is not intended to be used or referenced as a method to document or claim specific antimicrobial performance. Actual antimicrobial performance can vary depending on environmental conditions.

    Contact D&K for more information about antimicrobial products including antimicrobial laminating films.
    Click here to download a copy of the antimicrobial overlam sales litarature

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