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Nylon Laminating Film

Nylon (NYL)

Nylon laminating films are extremely popular for one sided applications including book covers, dust jackets and packaging products due to its stable and non-curling properties. Nylon does not stretch or expand when exposed to heat during lamination. It also features excellent abrasion resistance and outstanding optical properties including ultimate clarity and glossiness.


Nylon (NYL) Film Highlights:

  • Lays flat (Curl-Free).
  • Ideal for one sided lamination.
  • Good scratch and abrasion resistance.
  • Excellent optical properties.
  • Stable film.
Nylon Laminating Film Overview
Thickness Available Configurations (Film Thickness Mils/Adhesive Thickness Mils) Available Finishes
Light (LIT) 1.3 mil Gloss
Standard (STD) 1.5 mils (.5/1) Gloss, Matte, Diamond Hard Velvet Matte

Light (LIT) Films:

  • Light (LIT): Nylon light products are 1.3 mils thick and offer a clear and durable finish for applications including book covers and dust jackets. Available with Copolymer, Aggressive, and SuperStick adhesives.

Standard (STD) Films:

  • Standard (STD): Standard nylon laminating films are 1.5 mils thick and are the product of choice for most book manufacturers seeking a gloss finish.
  • Standard Matte (STD M): A standard thickness nylon film with a filled matte finish. This slightly dulled finish softens images for a muted and unique look.
  • Standard Diamond Hard Velvet Matte (STD MQ):Diamond Matte Logo This premium nylon matte laminating film offers the finest matte finish suitable for even the most high-end applications including book manufacturing and product packaging. The Diamond Hard Velvet Matte Finish provides a haze-free and scuff resistant look that is soft to the touch. It can also accept most glues, foil stamps, and UV coating/printing. The look and feel of Diamond Hard Velvet Matte must be experienced in person to truly appreciate all of the benefits this film offers. Contact D&K for a free sample. Available with Copolymer and Aggressive adhesives.
Made in the USA