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Thermal Extrusion Adhesives (Heat-Activated/Assist)

SuperStick® Adhesives:
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SuperStick® is a proprietary adhesive system manufactured by D&K. SuperStick® is a revolutionary hybrid adhesive that combines thermal and pressure sensitive adhesive technologies. SuperStick® adhesives penetrate through the ink and coating layers on a print to create a mechanical bond within the paper. This process occurs on a microscopic level without affecting the look and clarity of images.
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SuperStick’s deep and aggressive bond makes it ideal for most digital prints. Its unique bonding properties also allow it to adhere to wet inkjet prints, removing the need for drying images prior to lamination. According to independent lab tests submitted to the US Patent Office, SuperStick® adheres 15 times better than regular thermal adhesives. It has also been evaluated by Xerox’s Finishing Lab and validated for use on DocuColor and iGen series printers. Click here to download a copy of the SuperStick® Xerox validation report.
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SuperStick® is available in thermal and low melt versions. Recommended laminating temperatures are 230° – 290° F for standard thermal versions and 180° – 200° F for SuperStick® low melt. SuperStick® adhesives are available on films including nylon, polyester, and vinyl.
SuperStick® High Performance (HP) Adhesives:
SuperStick® High Performance (HP) Adhesives are specifically designed to adhere to some of the latest and most challenging digital printer output. SuperStick® High Performance products are compatible with select digital printers including the HP Indigo series. SuperStick® High Performance (HP) adhesives are available on nylon and polyester films.Contact D&K for more information on SuperStick® High Performance adhesive printer compatibility
Copolymer Adhesives:
Copolymer adhesives offer great clarity combined with functionality. Copolymer adhesives are an economical option and are compatible with a wide range of print types. Recommended laminating temperatures range from 200° F – 260° F. Copolymer adhesives are available nylon, polyester, and vinyl films.
Low Melt Adhesives:
Low melt adhesives activate at temperatures approximately 20° – 25° F lower than conventional copolymer adhesives. Low melt adhesives are ideal for delicate print types including inkjet output. These adhesives activate at temperatures from 180° – 200° F. Low melt adhesives are ideal for wide format graphics and are available on film types including nylon, polyester, and vinyl.
Aggressive (A) Adhesives:
Aggressive adhesives from D&K are designed for synthetic stocks and hard-to-stick-to inks and media.Aggressive adhesives are typically processed at 230° – 260° F. Aggressive adhesives are available on nylon and polyester films.
Educational (E) Adhesives:
Educational adhesives are polyethylene homopolymers with a high melting point. Educational adhesives are extremely cost-effective and are ideal for schools and offices. This adhesive is typically applied to 1” core film designed for desktop laminators. Educational adhesives are primarily applied to polyester films.
Heat Assist Adhesives:
Heat assist adhesives are closely related to pressure sensitive adhesive products, only they require a moderate amount of heat to fully activate and bond to prints. Heat assist adhesives are commonly sheeted prior to use and feature a low to moderate initial tack to maintain their position when placed on top of prints. A disposable release liner that protects the adhesive is removed before lamination. Heat assist films typically activate between 160° F – 200° F. Heat assist adhesives are applied to vinyl films including D&K’s Finish Guard™ framing product line.