D&K Custom Machine Design (CMD)

D&K Custom Machine Design is a division of D&K Group devoted to manufacturing and servicing laminating and mounting equipment of all types. D&K Custom Machine Design works with customers to fabricate custom systems and machine components that meet unique production requirements. Manufacturing facilities are located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. In addition to the standard D&K line of Wide Format Laminators,Desktop Laminators and Automated Narrow Format Laminating Systems , D&K Custom Machine Design can manufacture custom projects including:
– In-line film slitting and scrap takeup systems
– Custom roller configurations
– Multiple nip rollers
– Specific diameters, hardness, materials, etc.
– Custom machine widths/processing capabilities
– Finished graphic rewinds
– Sheet media feeders
– Automated cutting systems
– In-line corona treaters
– Much more

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