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D&K’s ENDURA OVERLAMS received an AIMCAL 2021 Technical Excellence Award.
ENDURA OVERLAMS received this recognition for new technology that positively impacts card manufacturing industries. One AIMCAL judge noted, “This process results in a very robust ID card.”

Click here to view the AIMCAL Technical Excellence Award press release

How do ENDURA OVERLAMAS impact the end user?
De-lam is an age-old problem in the thermal lamination industry, especially for products requiring long-term performance or outdoor durability. Many items laminated with thermal films fall apart after being exposed to water or cleaning solutions. Additional wear-and-tear also causes de-lam over time. ENDURA OVERLAMS™ can withstand abuse in demanding applications, including those involving water or chemicals.

Most outdoor applications require pressure sensitive adhesives to withstand water, humidity, and sunlight. These pressure sensitive overlams also typically cost 30% or more compared to thermal products. ENDURA OVERLAMS™ provide the same or better performance at a fraction of the price.